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Dryburgh Abbey, Scotland

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The magnificent scenery of one of Europe’s remaining wild regions is so beautiful that it may be reason enough to visit, but there are many other delights just waiting to be discovered by the discerning traveller.. Soaring castles on rocky crags, the rhythmic slap of the loom in the tartan-weaver’s shed, the heavy scent of the whisky distiller’s yard, agile sheep amongst the heather and, everywhere, the friendly smile of a welcoming people. Facilities for visitors are first rate and diverse, from the warmth of a village inn to the luxury of a city hotel. Take the chance too, while you’re here, to do some shopping: Scottish woollens and cashmeres are the finest in the world, distilleries continue to make whisky in the traditional way, and the country’s craftwork has the highest reputation. All of these products can be found under one roof at any of the 21 Simply the Best destination sites in some of the best locations in Scotland.

Today the population of Scotland is over five million, but living in the rest of the world –scattered throughout every continent - are twenty million other Scots. Curiosity about one’s roots is a universal human quality, but it is never stronger when combined with a proud heritage. Each year many return to the land of their forebears….

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