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Linlithgo Palace, Scotland

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Trossachs Woollen Mill

The Trossach's is home to Hamish the famous highland bull who is 20 years of age and the oldest highland bull in Britain with horns over 1 meter wide. Hamish lives with his friends Honey and Hamish Dubh who are two young calfs. The 3 of them live in harmony next to the Trossachs Woollen Mill, where everyone is welcome to come along and admire the wonderful animals.

We also have a weaving shed where you can see the old weaving machines & how it was all done. There is plenty of shopping with tourist gifts, including tartan rugs, gents & ladies clothing including PG Fields, JPW & Cashmere. Hamish is our excellent Coffee Shop and snack bar where you can come relax & enjoy a Costa coffee along with our homemade pancakes & an excellent range of delicious food.