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Welcome to England!

Historic yet contemporary, traditional yet cutting-edge, metropolitan yet wild: England has it all. With ancient Hadrian’s Wall straddling the wild north of England and the world’s biggest indoor tropical rainforest nestled in the far south, England is the ultimate mix of old and new.

And when it comes to fashion and shopping, England is a real trend setter. From Mary Quant’s mini skirt to Vivienne Westwood’s rebellious tweed, England’s relationship with fashion is long, prosperous and continually evolving, with trends born in this country reverberating throughout the wider world.

London is a constant leader in innovative fashion trends, and the place to be for a fashion-fuelled weekend, as is the maverick city of Birmingham with the futuristic Selfridges building dominating its vast shopping quarter. Bristol is another retail hotspot, with hoards of independent shops scattered all across the city, and a Harvey Nichols too for that extra dose of sophistication. Then there’s The Lanes in Brighton, Newcastle’s elegant Grainger Town, Manchester’s eclectic markets and Liverpool’s Cavern Walks lined with designer boutiques. The list is never ending.

For antiques there are various rural antique-filled havens peppered across the country - while farmers' markets have become a staple attraction.

England is a hubbub of contemporary culture, encompassing everything from vintage fashion to revolutionary architecture crowned with swish rooftop restaurants. Old and new is fused effortlessly and this uniquely English mix is particularly prominent in cities like Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol and London.